Sears Rugs

Sears Rugs

Sears Rugs

Sears rugs have history on their side. The first area rug probably dates back to earliest human civilization. Used in place of a floor, as a substitute for a bed and for a chair, area rugs played a very utilitarian role as human society grew. And now, in a modern home, Sears rugs can play a speical role in creating an atmosphere of warmth and beauty.

Three Ways to Decorate With Area Rugs

There are three main ways to decorate with Sears rugs: focal point, accessory and practical. We’ll examine each in turn.

#1: Focal Point Area Rugs

Starting with Sears rugs as the main feature of the room and planning furniture and other items of décor around the rug is the hallmark of the focal point method. This is best used when the rug is bright and bold and the rest of the décor is understated or neutral.

#2: Accessory Area Rugs

You might think of accessory area Sears rugs as the exact opposite of focal point area rugs. When you have interesting art on the walls, furniture that is especially attractive, or even a room with a fireplace or stunning picture window or other area you want to feature, an understated area rug is the perfect compliment. Be sure to use neutral colors and avoid anything with big or bold stripes or patterns in the rug. In this case, use Sears rugs in a supporting actor role while other elements in the room take center stage.

#3: Practical Accessories

Be sure to keep in mind the main purpose of Sears rugs and where you have the rug placed. For example, a rug that will get a lot of traffic needs to be made from sturdy fabric. Most interior decorators also recommend darker colors and patterns for high traffic areas. A deep rich color will often make a room feel quite cozy, while lighter colors in the rug help a room feel more open, fresh and airy.

The number of different sizes, styles, colors, patterns, and materials available in Sears rugs these days offers you numerous choices, so free your imagination and find what suits you best. You’re going to love the difference in your home!

Interior designers have used area rugs for centuries

Not only was functionality an important issue, but over time, art came to play an ever more featured role. This was exemplified on a grand scale through one of the oldest known rugs in existence: an expansive 400’ by 100’ behemoth that weighed several tons and dates back to approximately 550 BC. The King of Persia owned this magnificent rug and it even had a name: “Spring of Khosrows”. The King liked to spend the cold winter weather ambling along the carpet, taking in the many depictions of spring, including flying birds, blossoming flowers, ripe fruits and a green border that simulated a medow assembled from hundreds of thousands of emeralds that were woven into its enormous size.

Other cultures around the world include art in their rugs. Treasured and very beautiful rugs are made from Brazil to Peru and of course you can’t forget the Kashmiri rugs from India, nor the fine Persian rugs of Iran that enjoy international acclaim.

Interior designers use area rugs to accent a space with a subtle nuance or completely transform a room with a bold statement. Either way, Sears rugs offer a perfect way to protect the floor while absorbing sound and creating warmth and beauty.


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